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Jamestown is situated almost entirely on Conanicut Island, the second largest island in Narragansett Bay, and is located 25 miles south of Providence and a mile west of Newport, Rhode Island.  It is both a summer destination and a year-round community with a population of about 6,000. Conanicut Island is nine miles long by one mile wide.  Its highest elevation is 135 feet.  Sheep grazing and farming began in the 1630s and for well over 200 years, the island has remained mostly agricultural.

Today, Jamestown remains a peaceful coastal jewel with historic farms, cliffside parks, locally-owned restaurants, shops, and art galleries.  There is an unobtrusive rural charm to much of the island and its town center still has the feel of a traditional village. A few farms remain, established neighborhoods are intact, and historic properties, including lighthouses, windmills, and the remains of old military fortifications, offer connections to the past.  With an abundance of open space and lightly traveled roadways, Jamestown island offers wonderful opportunities for casual or avid walkers, joggers, and bikers.

Despite easy road access, the island has remained lightly developed and a sense of tranquility prevails. Passenger ferry service and the Jamestown Bridge connect this idyllic gem in Narragansett Bay to all that downtown Newport offers.
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