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Raised in Newport where her family has run The Newport Music Festival for over 35 years, Kara is connected to Newport's community, its culture, its arts and its architecture from a young age. After attending Boston's Emerson College, she spent the early years of her career working in film production in Los Angeles and NYC and discovered her aptitude for getting things done under tight deadlines with all personalities. In addition, being creative and personable, she parlayed this experience into the real estate world. Eventually, home pulled her back, and she has spent the better part of a decade as a real estate professional in Rhode Island, successfully negotiating millions of dollars of real estate transactions. Kara is deeply committed to helping others find their perfect home and never tires of introducing people to our fantastic community. She has an intimate knowledge of Newport and all of Rhode Island, its special people, places and things that make this such an incredible place to live. Kara is happy to share that knowledge with others, and she is grateful to be able to do so in a business she loves and a place she adores.
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Newport, Rhode Island
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Kara Malkovich

37 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island 02840 United States

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